Our Vision of Boulder’s Tomorrow (2030):

  • Acknowledging that we could not continue burning the earth to create the energy we needed, we built a 100% renewable energy society in less than 15 years.

  • Recognizing that we were wasting resources in ways that diminished the natural world,  other communities and other places, we became makers and producers of more of our own needs.

  • Witnessing the loss of other species and their habitat/homes, we became leaders in restoring the natural world.

  • Knowing that serving ourselves alone would not create a sustainable world, we mobilized our abundance to share and learn with others in ways that accelerated positive change here and beyond.

And we did it all by transforming our fear and isolation into loving connection… And in this connection held a stubborn loyalty to the faith that people working together towards a higher good will bring forth the basic goodness and brilliance of human beings… And with this capacity we transformed challenge into shared responsibility, opportunity, and abundance.


Our Awareness and Intention Now (2016):

Residing in the beauty, abundance, health and creativity of this place, we recognize our unique endowment of capability and opportunity. With perhaps the world’s greatest per capita concentration of climate scientists, digital creatives, wealth managers, conscious living practitioners, health food companies, extreme athletes, and environmental advocates—there is likely no place on earth better suited to formulate and pilot climate and community healing solutions. To show what we alone can achieve would be only a temporary and ultimately futile accomplishment. Our full potential and commitment is to use this remarkable wealth of capability to rapidly innovate and export these solutions to support both ourselves and the rest of the global community in making this essential transition.