Working Groups

C3 Boulder Working Groups are where people power is harnessed, visions become actions, goals become success stories and co-creation reigns queen. Note that strategic partnerships are forming—we are not in the business of re-creating the wheel, after all!

Let us know where you're hungry to participate, collaborate and learn:

#BoulderEarthWeek 2017

#BoulderEarthWeek is an opportunity to come together as a community to co-create and celebrate the future we want to see in Boulder. Last year we collaborated with more than 30 organizations, engaged ~4,000 people and honored 8 community members with the first ever Earth Champion Award. 

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City of Boulder Climate Action Plan

Time to get word out! The Climate Commitment was unanimously approved by City Council Dec. 7th, 2016. Three new climate goals were adopted, including 100% renewable electricity by 2030. These goals will remain just that—goals—unless we get the community to back them. Want to join?


Community Equity Building

This group will focus on addressing disparities in access and social inequities in Boulder. In order to support meaningful transformation, we must begin to understand the various parts of our communities and understand how they are connected, and community members (particularly those who are vulnerable, disadvantaged and under-represented) must have a greater voice in decisions that impact them.


Boulder.Earth Manifesto

We will co-create a manifesto that clarifies what we stand for and expect of ourselves. It will strive to be a document that our seventh generation inherits, and treasures for its remarkable foresight and accommodation of a future that is emerging. Our assumption, is we have everything we need in each of us and we simply need create the container to hold it all. We expect to learn a lot as we proceed.


Community Art

This working group will focus on a belief in cultural and creative expression as a means to affect deep and lasting social change.  Through art, we can challenge many of our society's deepest assumptions, built upon the power of artistic creation and expression to spark new ideas, catalyze critical thinking, inspire, elicit action.


Transportation & Net-Zero Living

Housing and neighborhoods shape communities, and communities are our best and possibly only source for social change. By changing the way we live and by harnessing the power of our communities, we can break the extractive, institutional tethers that diminish us and our natural environment. (source)


Boulder.Earth Community Nights

Boulder.Earth Nights are a community-wide exploration of climate action via intentional community and collaboration. Together we will explore how we are working collectively to build a regenerative, inclusive and vibrant future!

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C3 Boulder Structure

How do we manage this crazy thing, anyway? What structures make sense? What are our standard operating procedures? Who wants to explore the nitty-gritty of how we can keep C3 Boulder operating? Check out our mission here.


Mapping through Storytelling

By telling stories—whether in the form of performance, radio, video, or other media—communities build power, envision new democratic possibilities, and change culture and policy.